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Bio Clean Energy, S.A. Wins $36 Million Bolivian Biodiesel Supply Contract

Biodiesel Magazine, June 11, 2018:
John Kaweske, President of Bio Clean Energy S.A. recently announced that they won a $36 million contract with the Bolivian government. The contract includes the opportunity to supply biodiesel, and is expected to expand the company’s customer base. Read the full article from Biodiesel Magazine here.

Why Your Office Should Become Sustainable Soon

By: John Kaweske
With sustainability becoming more important as the threat of global warming increases, John Kaweske talks about why your office should become more sustainable soon. See the original video on John Kaweskes Vimeo.

Companies That Are Committed To Sustainability

By: John Kaweske
John Kaweske looks at some of the companies that are focusing on becoming more sustainable, and how they are doing it. See the original video from John Kaweske’s Vimeo.

What Are The Most Popular Forms Of Renewable Energy?

By: John Kaweske 
Clean energy expert John Kaweske talks about the most popular forms of renewable energy, and how they work to provide us with more sustainable energy. See the original video on John Kaweske’s Vimeo.

The Best Types Of Meditation For You

By: John Kaweske
With so much going on in today’s world, it can be difficult to take some time for yourself to unwind. That is what led John Kaweske to begin meditating 15 years ago, and has practiced it since. Learn more about the different types of meditation to help determine the right practice for you. See the original video from Vimeo here.