John Kaweske of Colorado is a biodiesel fuel expert and President of Bio Clean Energy, S.A., a biodiesel fuel company located in Brazil. Bio Clean Energy, S.A. is an energy business that produces diesel equivalent resources from natural extracts such as soy, cotton oils, and used cooking oil. Bio Clean Energy, S.A. first began in 2004, and continues to thrive in the industry today. In his role as President, John manages the company, develops new technologies to use in the clean energy sector, plans all aspects of the company, from site selection to production and financial management. Additionally, he continues to be the final decision maker for all corporate procedures for the company. Most recently, Bio Clean Energy, S.A., announced that they had secured a $36 million supply train contract from Bolivian Government oil companies.

In addition to his work with Bio Clean Energy, S.A., John Kaweske also manages his own consulting firm, called John Kaweske & Associates. John Kaweske & Associates is an independent biodiesel consulting firm that has built its reputation one client at a time. Using his expertise within the industry, the consulting firm focuses on assisting clients while they assess the best overall plan for their biodiesel facility. Since beginning the consulting over 12 years ago, John has had the opportunity to use his wealth of expertise, strategic insight, and technical knowledge to help other companies be successful in the biodiesel industry.

Before creating Bio Clean Energy, S.A., John Kaweske worked in a variety of industries. He worked as a Managing Director within the investment banking department for a variety of firms, including Cardinal Capital Management, Inc. and Grace Investments. These positions gave him a wealth of experience in different areas, including reviewing startup companies within the biotech sector and formulating business plans for startup companies.

In addition to his work in the biodiesel fuel industry, John Kaweske has also worked as an Uber driver, and achieved a strong 96% rating from his customers in his nine months as a driver. Driving for the company would eventually inspire John to open his own high end luxury car service, called Silverleaf Enterprise LLC. Located in Denver, Silverleaf Enterprise LLC continues to operate under John.

When he is not working, John Kaweske enjoys the practice of mediation. He first discovered the benefits of meditation while originally building Bio Clean Energy, S.A. in Brazil in 2004, where he spent a significant amount of time alone. Not long after, John began meditating in order to remain centered and focused while he completed his work in Brazil. Today, John still remains active with meditation, and enjoys teaching others about its many benefits.

John Kaweske earned his Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Psychology from Clark University, before further studying at the University of Colorado at Denver. He holds two patents in biodiesel innovation and process, and speaks regularly at international conferences on clean energy. In his spare time, John enjoys spending time with his family and furthering his meditation practice. John Kaweske – Colorado Based Biodiesel Fuel Expert & President of Bio Clean Energy, S.A.