It is not a secret that our world has experienced countless consequences from climate change, and a new report from the United Nations confirmed the long-term problems that the world faces as a result. The report from the United Nations’ best scientists revealed that humans only have 12 years to completely shift their lifestyle to one that is more sustainable and benefits the environment. Without considerable changes around the world, the earth is estimated to hit the point of no return by as early as 2030. To create a more sustainable lifestyle, humans will not only have to change the way they use energy, but companies will need to find major ways of becoming sustainable. Knowing this, some companies have already become sustainable to reduce their carbon footprint. What companies have already shown significant signs of sustainability?

The technology giant, Apple has not only changed the way that humans use technology, but they have also pledged to a more sustainable business through renewable practices. For example, Apple committed to building wind and solar panels to use for energy in China, where their data centers are located. In three years, the company built enough wind and solar panels, so the data centers can run on 100 percent renewable power, and continues to commit themselves to use renewable energy in the future.

Google has already experienced substantial growth in recent years and has quickly become the most used search engine around the world. In addition to switching to 100 percent renewable energy, Google has also announced that they had invested an additional $2.5 billion in renewable energy projects. The company will continue to find new ways to incorporate sustainability in the future as well.

Cisco is another technology company that has shown their commitment to sustainability in today’s society. In 2017, Cisco was able to use renewable sources for 80% of their electricity use and has plans to increase that number in coming years. They announced their intention to help remove 1 billion tons of greenhouse emission by 2020 using new, renewable forms of energy.

These companies are not only committing to becoming 100% renewable, but they also have plans for making their companies as sustainable as possible in the future. Thanks to companies like these, more companies are announcing their commitment to renewable energy and could help transform the way they use energy in the future.