In an effort to reduce their carbon footprint and demonstrate a commitment to sustainable growth, many companies are looking for ways to become more eco-friendly. Recycled products and innovate ways to reuse waste materials have become somewhat of a favorite pastime for research and engineering departments. Biofuel production is among the most noteworthy ways to reduce natural resource waste. Here is a brief look at five companies that are getting it right.

Renewable Energy Group (REGI)
As of the time of writing, the current share price was $15.11. Renewable Energy Group is putting together decades worth of research into one convenient energy stock option. This group operates more than a dozen biorefineries and prides itself on a no-waste policy. From their nondescript headquarters in Ames, Iowa, Renewable Energy Group is currently the largest producer of biodiesel fuel in the United States.

Pacific Ethanol (PEIX)
As of the time of writing, the current share price was .64. This relatively new company, founded in 2003, has quickly expanded from its base in the capital of California to a second location in the Midwest. These refineries are state of the art and show growth promise. For speculative investors, this stock could be a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor.

Aemetis (AMTX)
As of the time of writing, the current share price was $1.11. Despite the relatively low market share, this well-established biofuel company is worth consideration. They have patented processes for producing renewable fuels that have truly renovated the industry. As an industrial biotechnology company, Aemetis focuses on more than biofuels and biodiesel products.

Green Plains (GPRE)
As of the time of writing, the current share price was $10.91. Established in Omaha, Nebraska, in 2004, Green Plains began their refining operations with a big goal in mind. Founder Barry Ellsworth wanted to change the perception of biofuels and raise awareness about the industry. For nearly a running decade, Green Plains has been among the top three ethanol fuel producers in the United States.

REX American Resources (REX)
As of the time of writing, the current share price was $77.49. While some of the younger companies are more interested in exploring corn oil and other grains, REX American Resources focuses on investment strategies and partnerships. Their own ethanol production facilities are state of the art and ship more than 700 million gallons per year.

About The Author
John Kaweske is an Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Biodiesel Expert in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is the President of Bio Clean Energy, S.A., a biodiesel holding company with diversified assets in the clean energy sector in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In 2018, John and Bio Clean Energy won a $36 million contract with the Bolivian Government, sparking his incredible start in the clean energy sector. Today, John Kaweske continues his work in business, and maintains a monthly meditation blog.

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