Tesla has become one of the most prominent car makers in the world in recent years, designing efficient, beautiful cars. Originally created in 2003, Tesla Motors has become a giant in the car industry. What differentiates Tesla from other car companies though, is their continued commitment to using sustainable energy. The company has only smart vehicles and more recently began creating solar panels and energy storage devices that are used to power a household.

Smart Vehicles
Known originally for their smart vehicles, Tesla has continued to create luxury electric cars for its customers. When the concept for Tesla first came out, the company was met with skepticism because of their decision to invest in electric cars. Today, that concept is not only accepted but is celebrated for the company’s commitment to using sustainable energy. Since then, Tesla has continued creating cars that are reliable and luxurious. The Model S is the most popular car that Tesla has, and became known as the second best selling plug-in car in history in 2015 and 2016.

Energy Storage
Because of the focus on sustainable energy, Tesla continued to set themselves apart with their energy storage devices. Energy storage takes place when energy is captured and can be used at a later time. One of Tesla’s storage devices includes the Powerwall, which can power your home through stored solar energy. What makes the Powerwall so useful is its ability to save the unused solar energy until it is needed. For example, the Powerwall can provide up to 7 full days of power to a home following a power outage. Not only does the Powerwall create and store solar energy, but it can help keep utility costs down through its use of sustainable energy. The energy storage devices can provide solar energy at any time, even if the sun is not present.

Solar Panels
Tesla Motors has been committed to using sustainable energy since its launch in 2003 and has created countless energy saving devices since then. In 2017, the company announced that it would be selling solar panels and solar roofs to reduce the reliance on energy in households. Solar panels are panels that are placed on a person’s roof, while the solar roof stores and uses energy through a specialized roof from Tesla Motors. The company offers different designs for their solar roofs, so the homeowners can find one that suits their home. Both the solar panels and solar roofs can connect to the Powerwall to ensure that unused solar energy can be used at a later time.

Tesla Motors continues to be the leader in the industry for their commitment to using sustainable energy in their products. What makes Tesla so successful is their ability to set themselves apart by focusing on creating products that function from sustainable energy. Tesla has truly paved the way for future companies who wish to incorporate sustainable energy into their business plan

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