Renewable energy sources can help lower energy costs and reduce carbon footprint. They can also make your house more sustainable.

Various natural sources such as water, wind, sunlight, and biomass produce renewable energy. These energy sources replenish naturally. Utilizing these natural resources has led to the development of what is known as “green energy.” Unlike petroleum and coal, which are known to release greenhouse gases, these energy sources do not. By shifting away from these energy sources, we can help fight climate change.

Best ways to power your home with renewable energy

Solar Power

Your home can benefit from the sun’s power by installing solar photovoltaic panels on its roof. These panels convert the sun’s rays into electricity.

Although these panels can’t work on days that are sunny, they can still provide power to your home during daylight hours. They can also store the electricity they generate so you can still use it when the sun goes down. The excess power you don’t use will be sold into the national grid as part of the government’s Smart Export guarantee.

Solar Healing

In addition to powering your home, solar energy can provide hot water and heating throughout the year. A solar system can be installed on your roof or mounted on a wall. Its power can then be used to heat up a water cylinder, which is approximately five square meters. If you plan on using this system to heat your home, you’ll require larger panels, which will be sized according to the size of the home.

Air Source Heat Pumps

A heat pump is a type of renewable energy system that uses the outside air to provide your home with hot water and heating. It’s similar to a fridge in that it uses the heat from the perspective to heat and circulate hot water. These air-source heat pumps can work in all temperatures and effectively extract heat from the air to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. 

An air-source heat pump provides a more sustainable and energy-efficient heating option than traditional gas or oil heating. It can also help lower your home’s carbon footprint and lessen your energy costs.

Wind Energy

In addition to being able to provide power to your home, wind turbines can also help lower your home’s energy costs. These small wind turbines can be placed on your home’s roof or on a free-standing pole. They can generate electricity by turning the blades of the wind, which then drives the internal turbine. It’s estimated that a 6 kW pole-mounted wind turbine can help you save around $400 a year on your electricity bills.