Oil is still essential lifeblood of modern civilization. Currently, oil and gas are the primary sources of energy that helps power the economy of the world. Although the world, through research and development, is investing in alternative renewable sources of energy, oil and gas, continue to make a huge impact and contribution, one that you cannot ignore. Here are the undeniable benefits of oil and gas.

Readily Available and Cheap
The two fossil fuels happen to be the most readily available sources of energy in both developed and developing countries. No other source of energy is so cheaply and readily available at a cost-effective price. The cost of oil and gas in the market is strictly regulated by multiple economic factors, including demand, supply, and production. Oil-producing countries work hard to produce their quota of the rising global demand for fossil fuels.

The reliability and sustainability of these two fossil fuels are particularly high as compared to alternatives, such as sun, water, and wind. As long as it is mined, refined, and processed, oil remains a reliable and available source of energy for everyone. The multiple uses of these energy-producing fuels make them applicable for heating, cooling, electric generation, and transportation.

High-Density Energy
Oil and gas, being fossil fuels, produce variable amounts of energy, depending on the refined qualities. Burning a unit amount of oil or gas produces much energy, which can be used to power virtually any machine ever made. A few other reliable energy sources can do so without causing much of a concern. For instance, only nuclear energy can surpass the energy density of fossil fuels.

Supporting Infrastructural Growth
Most countries rely on the energy sector to support internal economic growth in various areas, including infrastructure. Oil-producing countries have to put in place the necessary infrastructure networks, including roads and railways, to facilitate the transportation of the commodities. The infrastructural growth is a vital ingredient that helps support economic growth.

Provision of Employment
The oil and gas industry supply millions of jobs for workers who have been employed in the sector. In the US, for example, it is estimated that the industry employs over 10.3 million workers. Provision of such employment implies that workers get access to much-needed salaries for social-economic empowerment and development.

About The Author
John Kaweske is an Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Biodiesel Expert in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is the President of Bio Clean Energy, S.A., a biodiesel holding company with diversified assets in the clean energy sector in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In 2018, John and Bio Clean Energy won a $36 million contract with the Bolivian Government, sparking his incredible start in the clean energy sector. Today, John Kaweske continues his work in business, and maintains a monthly meditation blog.

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